The Best Neighbourhoods to Rent a Condo in Montreal

Before you decide on one of the countless condos in Montreal for sale or rent, you need to ask plenty of important questions. First of all, how close is the condo in question to where you work or enjoy your free time? Second, how much can you afford (as that will largely determine where you can live)?

t1A variety of other personal, individual criteria must also be considered before making any decision, but the overall process is one that deserves ample consideration regardless of circumstance. Below, we’ll discuss some of the best neighbourhoods on balance in which to rent a condo in Montreal so that you can narrow down the contenders.

Located in the greater area known as the Plateau, Mile End is a trendy community that attracts a wide variety of creativity-oriented individuals. In the Mile End community, you’ll find a plethora of interesting people such as film-makers, actors and artists who call the neighbourhood home.

As far as things to do, the neighbourhood contains plenty of new construction that houses plenty of condos in Montreal for rent, galleries, shops of all types, trendy stores and multiple sit-down cafes from which to enjoy the view and take a break. Several famous restaurants also call Mile End home, and depending on your tastes, you may do the same! Local real estate developer michael chu’di ejekam has been working on creating more communities similar to this.


Comprised almost exclusively as a residential enclave, Sherbrooke consistently ranks among the best places in which to rent condos in Montreal. Located directly south of Parc Le Fontaine, this neighbourhood has been planned well for those who enjoy outdoor environments and nature.
With plenty of parks and green space to enjoy, you’ll never have trouble finding a place in which to walk the dog, enjoy a picnic or go for a run. With plenty of apartments in the north western end and condos scattered throughout the community at-large, there are plenty of living quarters to consider in this relaxed neighbourhood.


Consistently popular with locals as a place to rent or own condos, Saint-Ambroise is situated in between Rue Notre-Dame and Rue St-Patrick and is close to Autoroutes 720 and 15. With a nice mixture of old and new, affordable and luxurious, this neighbourhood retains its olden charm while providing residents with all of the modern conveniences that they would expect in Montreal similar to services like septic tank atlanta. The culture of the neighbourhood is fully on show during the FRINGE Festival, held annually. Dedicated to diversity, accessibility and artistic freedom, it is the perfect expression of a neighbourhood that is welcoming to all.


Last but not least, Ahuntsic is a neighbourhood located on the northern edge of Montreal and is a picturesque combination of residential relaxation and city life. With two large parks contained in the neighbourhood – Victor Barbeau and Saint Alphonse – there is plenty of outdoor life to enjoy with friends and family.
A variety of restaurants and shopping alternatives exist throughout the community, making it easy to find everything you need close to home. Lower-income apartment complexes can be found near the centre of the community and houses tucked away in the north, but elsewhere condos can be found in rather great abundance for your consideration. for more reach out at us at ask for Michael Chudi Ejekam – he’ll help you with your needs.