Why Your Employees Are the Key to Success in The Healthcare Industry

If you notice that your profits are slowing down or you aren’t obtaining settlements on time, your very first idea may be that your patients aren’t paying you for the services that you provide. Of course, there is an element of that in any kind of medical workplace, especially in today’s confusing world of insurances. Nonetheless, what you might not think about is the effect that your healthcare staff has on your profits.

Earning money for your services really shouldn’t be difficult, but you have to ensure that everyone is at the top of their games so that you get the collections that you deserve. If you are having difficult accumulating past payments or existing payments, it might mean that you need to change the way your employees interact with your patients.
There are really a few different things that you should consider about how your employees impact your bottom line:

Your Employees Need to Be Trained Properly

It seems so basic, yet ask yourself: is my staff effectively educated to deal with the medical care collections process completely and thoroughly? Do they know how to deal with people who face significant health challenges? Are they ready to handle people who have financial problems that preclude them from receiving my services? There are many different areas in which your staff absolutely needs to be trained in order to help you keep patients and even earn new ones.

Workers need to have the ability to make use of the software programs that you have and locate a patient’s account effortlessly and in a short amount of time. They have to know the right things to say – and the things that they can say – when a patient starts to act up or get loud with them.

Make certain to track worker training to make sure that whatever is covered in a prompt fashion and that people keep themselves up to date when they need to. This is especially true if you allow them to update their training on their own time or when they are at home – too often; people say that they do it but haven’t followed through or passed the test. Update that training when brand-new updates come for your software program and also if you change software programs, everybody needs to be educated on the changes. It does not matter if your brand-new software program is “similar to” the old software program, even the oldest employee needs to keep up to date.
If someone changes offices and hasn’t worked with you before, even if he or she says that they have used the software before, make sure to train them as well.

You may also want to train your personnel on simple points that they cannot learn from books or training overviews– what little talk to make the conversations concerning settlement more easy to have. Think of triggering questions that your team can ask to ensure that people will open up to them or explain any problems. In some cases, we have to make those moments due to the fact that clients will do all they could to prevent the conversations.

They Can Give You Insight Into Finances

Your employees see quite a bit more than you do. Is toilet paper disappearing from the bathroom at an alarming rate? Do children get the stickers and immediately throw them away? Little insight into where your money is going will help you to make better decisions about when, where, and how to make cuts or where to spend more money. Maybe patients really appreciate free coffee in the waiting room or access to coupons or discounts for gym memberships. It is well worth your time to invest in these. If no one ever says anything, your money might be better spent elsewhere.

Have open and frank conversations with your employees about these types of things. Ask for suggestions – maybe you will spend money on a copier, but you will save money in the long run because the copier is always malfunctioning and it has to be repaired. The bigger your practice is, the more likely it is that you won’t see some of these problems. With so many hands in the fire, the more people you should ask. And don’t only ask your professional staff – as the custodians, the drivers, and the IT people – these people matter just as much.

How to Keep Your Employees Happy

Keep in mind in grade school when you had competitions for that review one of the most or who did their homework every evening? Come up with competitions that encourage your staff to follow up on overdue repayments. Incentive programs, seasonal competitors, and total tracking can encourage all personnel to work simply a little bit harder to get those payments satisfied.

Your employees are the key to success in the healthcare industry. After all, you are the only person, so the people around you need to do a lot of the work that you don’t do. They are the ones that interact with insurance companies, patients, pharmacies and other doctors at all times. Consider investing in healthcare revenue cycle management to make their jobs easier and keep them as happy as possible. This will greatly improve their experience, your experience, and the way the patient feels about your practice.